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Conservative media and politicians will have you believe California is a socialist hellscape run by tree huggers out of touch with the rest of the US. Our biggest political personalities and most progressive wins are usually the headline grabs that inform this take on California. …

Choosing ambition I picked 50 books as a reading goal for 2021. More books than I usually read in a year by half, but it felt right, I guess. To hold myself accountable I will be posting monthly reviews of the books I read the previous month.

Current tally from…

Content Warning: Violence

Since the whistleblower story broke yesterday, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the people that ICE is violently abusing. The list of atrocities that ICE has committed is long. Forced sterilization was maybe one of those blatant human rights abuses that many thought would be…

Foodline at Trader Joes in San Francisco

The global pandemic is an opportunity for us as a society to rethink our relationship to our basic needs like shelter, water, electricity and many more.

This piece offers an outlook on how we can act and move towards universal food security and begin thinking about why we commodify the…

This article is part of a series from Migration Studies graduate students at The University of San Francisco. This article analyzes the implications of environmental displacement. Other articles in the series discuss migration from legal, historical, and communal perspectives.

Our Current Models Don’t Address Environmental Displacement

We are at a…

Surveillance at the Border Fence in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

This week the world reacted with shock and outrage to the news that US Customs and Border Patrol “lost” 1,500 migrant children. To be clear, these children were not lost. They were intentionally separated from their families and trafficked by the federal government.

Customs and Border Patrol, along with Immigration…


Brown queer lefty writing, essays mostly they/them

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